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Aug 08, 2017

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Don Fiedler (pictured with his wife Jackie) has been in the beekeeping industry since 1974. His fascination with bees began when he was writing his Masters in Biology thesis. Retired as a teacher from the Pierz school district after 33 years, Don now puts in many hours tending to his bees, stationed in 8 different locations around Morrison County.

Bee houses are strategically placed in areas that are environmentally friendly for flowers. Noticeably since 2013, chemicals used on farm crops to prevent weed growth have had the adverse outcome of killing flowers. Consequently, bees die from either the insecticides themselves or starvation from the lack of flowers.



Don stated, “It takes 1 to 2 million flower visits for bees to make just 1 pound of honey.” Six colonies from the Fiedler bee farm died just this last year. Until society chooses to revert back to more ecologically friendly methods to farming, this will remain an ongoing issue.


Thankfully, there are many benefits to eating honey. Honey is easily digestible, has antibacterial properties, contains antioxidants, and is known to aid in healing wounds. Additionally, honey is a good preservative and it tastes good!  So as you can tell, there are many reasons to enjoy honey.


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Buying local honey can ensure you are getting a product that does not contain any additives – such as high fructose corn syrup – and gives you the benefits of organic pollen, enzymes, and vitamins.


There are many reasons to support our local beekeepers!



  • Dacia Zimmerman, LSW