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Hospice Care FAQ's for National Hospice And Palliative Care Month

Nov 15, 2017

This November, we celebrate hospice care for National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. The idea of hospice care only began in the mid-twentieth century and has greatly improved the lives of those diagnosed with a terminal illness.


Here are some FAQ's for you to better understand hospice care and benefits.



How has Hospice Care Evolved?

Since its inception in the 1960's, hospice has revolutionized the way Americans care for the sick. Dame Cicely Saunders is credited with speaking about improved elderly health care at Yale University in 1963, a lecture that launched a series of events which led to hospices opening across the country. Saunders also opened the first modern hospice, St. Christopher's Hospice, in a suburb of London in 1967.


Since that time, hospice has evolved into a federal government regulated aspect of Medicare and an expected service of most healthcare facilities in western medicine.


What Does Hospice Care Provide?

While this question can be difficult to answer because each individual's care plan is different, there are some things hospice care provides for every terminally ill person. Hospice care will help you plan for the end of life and the emotional and spiritual burdens that come with it. Hospice care usually involves a medical team of physicians, nurses, a social worker, therapists, a chaplain, and volunteers. All of these people work to help you feel as comfortable and supported as possible during a difficult time.


Do I Have to Live Somewhere Special to Enroll in Hospice Care?

No! In fact, many people enrolled in hospice care live at home. A growing number of free-standing facilities and senior living centers are offering hospice care, but it is not necessary for you to move out of your home so long as your health allows you to stay. Horizon Health Services provides hospice care to anyone diagnosed with a terminal illness, wherever they live.


Thankfully, hospice care developed over time to provide medically necessary and emotionally supportive end of life care to the terminally ill. It is best to be aware of your choices and educate yourself about hospice care before the time comes you need to decide.


Learn more about Horizon Health Care’s Hospice services on our website or visit this page. You can also give us a call at 320-468-2788 or 1-800-224-6451.