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6 Classic Ornaments Grandparents Will Cherish

Dec 14, 2017


The best gifts are heartfelt! These classic ornament ideas will inspire you to give your grandparents something they will truly cherish this Holiday Season.


DIY Wooden Block Photo Ornaments

Get crafty and create these little photo blocks hung with an eye hook and ribbon. Using only a few materials, you can make a personalized ornament of all your family photos to share with grandparents. Also, consider using photos of ancestors on the wooden blocks to recall special memories and loved ones that have passed.



Hallmark Gift Stores

If you are short on time, Hallmark stores always have a large selection of classic and beautiful Christmas ornaments. If your parents or grandparents add to a certain theme each year, Hallmark likely carries it. Plus you can pick up a card to hand-write them a special message with your gift.


Mitten Hand Print Salt Dough Ornament

This ornament idea is perfect for displaying little hands! If there is a new baby in the family, freeze time and commemorate their teeny tiny fingers with this salt dough ornament. The twist is that it is decorated in the shape of a mitten! This cute idea is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.


DIY Glitter and Monogram

If you want to make your own ornament the easy way, follow this tutorial to decorate a plain clear ornament into something sparkly and special. The fine glitter looks beautiful twinkling on the tree! You can add a monogram however you wish; stickers are the easiest method, but you can also use a paint pen and create a custom design!


Ornaments & More Personalized Order

This website allows you to customize adorable little character ornaments with grandchildren's names, the date, or a personalized message. You can find ornaments that accommodate up to 20 grandkids on this site!


Etsy Handmade Ornaments

If you want a handmade look but do not have the ability to do the work, try a seller on Etsy. There are tons of classic Christmas ornament ideas specifically for grandparents on the site and you can work one-on-one with the seller to get your order just right.


These 6 ideas are just some of the inspiring ornaments made specifically for grandparents you can give this season. Give a heartfelt gift your grandparents will cherish and present them with a personalized ornament.