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Benefits of Working Part-time in Senior Care

Jan 08, 2018

Working as a caregiver for aging populations is challenging but also personally and professionally rewarding in some unexpected ways.


Small setting senior care centers like Horizon Health Care here in Pierz is especially fulfilling thanks to our smaller patient-to-aide ratio and more personal setting. Whether you are a young person in school, someone considering caregiving as a career, or just looking for part-time work that is meaningful, senior care offers great work experience as well as personal benefits.


Professional Skills

For those looking for work in healthcare, consider what one Health Career website suggests – experiences like Senior care are absolutely fundamental to your future career. “Getting some relevant experience is one of the most important things you can do to help find a career in health, so take any opportunity you can.”

You can expect to gain professional skills in the following areas:

  • Assisting clients with personal care
  • Assisting clients with homemaking tasks to alleviate their physical demands
  • Reminding clients about medication
  • Being a trusted companion to the client
  • Communicating with the client and their family members

If you’re going the nursing route, many programs recommend finding work as a personal care aide because of the unique blend of experiences you will receive. Rasmussen College notes, “This experience will help develop your interpersonal skills and improve your ability to communicate with patients who are in pain or cognitively impaired.”


Personal Benefits

The perks of working with Seniors extends beyond the resume. This population is unlike any other, and you may find yourself enjoying this work in additional ways:

  • Making a Difference: Your day will be spent keeping a patient comfortable and safe, forging relationships, and improving someone’s day. Not many careers can boast these daily outcomes.
  • Gaining Perspective: A long, full life fills these individuals with life lessons, advice, and above all, perspective on what really matters. Take a look at these top five regrets of the dying to see what they consider a well-lived life.
  • Feeling Appreciation: Patients are sincerely thankful for your help, and they know your work is important for their daily tasks.
  • A Window into Life Experiences: Decades of wisdom, stories, and interesting connections are part of each senior’s life experience. You may hear anecdotes that delight you and learn about historical moments from a fascinating personal perspective. Better than any book!


Find out more about becoming a caregiver with Horizon Health Services, because, “One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value” (John Rohn).