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Horizon Health, Inc. is dedicated to you!  We know that you’ve dedicated your life to your community. Horizon Health wants to make sure you can stay part of the community that you have given so much to.

Providing senior- and disability-friendly housing options has been our continuing journey since 1991.  We make sure that your integrity is respected, our staff is accountable, and your community is close.  We offer opportunities for you to stay active through volunteering, bone building programs, and monthly luncheons which provide education, information, and fun!  We also provide support to caregivers, who give so much of their time and love to their loved ones. 

See what a difference it makes to you and your family when you live where people are committed to your health, safety, and happiness!

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Volunteer Focus

98 Years Young and Still Going

Our Lady of Lourdes Marian Chindvall (3) (2).jpg

Marian Chindvall is 98 years young, living independently in her home and volunteering every week at her church.  What’s her secret?  She is active in the community and, for the past 12 years, has participated in the RSVP Bone Builders Exercise Program at Our Lady of Lourdes Church. 

Bone Builders is a free exercise program that uses light weights to build muscle strength and bone density.  Marian attends the 1 hour class a minimum of twice a week to stay in shape.  Because she keeps her body active, she remains independent and is able to continue to do those things that are important to her - such as volunteering at her church. 

When asked, “What keeps you going to Bone Builders?”  Marian replied, “It keeps you on your toes.  There’s friendship and fellowship.  You’re motivated by the group to exercise.”  That’s why you’ll often find this Bone Builders group having coffee and donuts at the Pine River Bakery after class.  Many people in the group have been going for 5-10 years, because of the community of friendship they’ve built.   Marian is a true inspiration to her fellow Bone Builders participants and the other 23 Bone Builders sites throughout Beltrami, Cass Lake of the Woods and Morrison Counties served by Horizon Health RSVP.

To learn more about RSVP Bone Builders or to find a class near you, contact Nicole Bach at 1-800-224-6451 or nbach(at)

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Special Events


Hospice "Lights of Hope"


Horizon Health Hospice is honored to have The Pierz Lions Club once again partner with them for their annual “Hospice Lights of Hope”.   The Tree sparkles with the light of special individuals in our lives, both past and present, while also raising funds for Horizon Health Hospice services.  The “Lights of Hope” contribution allows Horizon Health Hospice to continue providing end of life care for people in our community and support for their families throughout the year.  With every 100 lights purchased, another string will be lit on the tree.   Lights can be purchased in Pierz at F & M State Bank, Hartmann’s Hardware Hank, Unity Bank and Horizon Health.  The “Lights of Hope” tree, donated by JB Tree Farm of Pierz, is located in Billig Park on South Main Street in Pierz.    If you are interested in donating, you can contact Vicki at 320-468-6451 or at vvillebro(at)

Pictured in front of the tree are:

Back Row:   Left to Right ~ Pierz Lions Members – Larry Schmidtbauer, Hospice Team Members:  Angie Athman-Social Worker, Jessica Daniels-RN, Amy Kowalzek-Massage Therapist, Dacia Zimmerman-Social Worker, Lisa Pryzbilla-Hospice Aide and Tony Sauer- Pierz Lion Member

Front Row:   Left to Right ~  Dr. Tyler Dunphy-Hospice Medical Director, Layne Freudenrich-RN, Brittney Loidolt-RN, Heather Moline-Hospice Director and Pierz Lion Members Harold Meyer and Jim Gerwing 


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Horizon Health, Inc.
Dec 15th 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Caregiver Support Group.....
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First United Church in Little Falls
Dec 20th 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Caregiver Support Group.....
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Dine and Discover

  Sponsored by Horizon Health's Faith in Action
and Farmer's and Merchants State Bank

What is Hospice and Why We Need a Health Care Directive

At our next Dine and Discover, we will learn about Hospice.   What is it?   Who pays for it?   What services do they provide?   When should it start?  

A representative from Horizon Health Hospice will answer these questions along with any questions you may have.    We will also learn about Health Care Directives and the importance of filling one out.  Join us for lunch and this informative discussion on Wednesday ~ November 30th from 11:30 –  1:30 pm at Horizon Center in Pierz.   

This event is sponsored by Horizon Health’s Faith in Action and Farmer’s and Merchants State Bank.  Call Horizon Health before Friday, November 23rd at 320-468-6451 to register or for more information.    Horizon Health Homecare provides free blood pressure screenings before and after the event. 

Call 1-800-224-6451 to Register


Christmas Party.png 

Harmony House Holiday Parties

Harmony House of Brainerd
Wednesday ~ December 7, 2016
3pm - 5pm

Harmony House of Motley
Saturday ~ December 10, 2016
2pm - 4pm

Harmony House of Pierz
Sunday ~ December 11, 2016
3pm - 5pm

Harmony House of Little Falls
Sunday ~ December 12, 2016
2pm - 4pm