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(1991 – 2016)

Independence Plus

Independence Plus

Home is the best place to be and our new Independence Plus program is designed to help you do just that – live in your own home for as long as possible!  If you or a loved one, parent, grandparent, neighbor, or friend need a helping hand, our Independence Plus Program may be right  for you. 

Horizon Health’s vision is to help the elderly and adults living with disabilities improve or maintain their active, healthy and independent lives.

We can provide a variety of services that may be  increased or decreased based on your needs and activities.  An assessment and safety evaluation will be done before services begin.


 Services May include:

¨ Companionship
¨ Respite care
¨ Monitor diet & eating
¨ Assist with morning and bedtime routines
¨ Arrange appointments
¨ Provide medication reminders
¨ Assist with reading, writing and correspondence
¨ Assist with mail and bills
¨ Reminiscing
¨ Friendly visiting
¨ Assist with clothing selection
¨ Care for houseplants
¨ Participate in crafts
¨ Play games
¨ Supervise home maintenance
¨ Prepare grocery lists & clip coupons
¨ Rent and watch movies
¨ Visit friends
¨ Help with personal calendar
¨ Transportation
¨ Independence planning
¨ Fall/spring cleaning
¨ Holiday decorating
¨ Provide light housekeeping, laundry and ironing
¨ Take out garbage
¨ Change linens and make beds
¨ Plan, prepare and clean-up after meals
¨ Dust
¨ Pick up medications from pharmacy
¨ Organize and clean closets
¨ Help with care of pets
¨ Prepare meals for future use
¨ Escort to appointments, shopping, errands and religious services

 These are just some of the services offered. 
We will tailor it to your situation and what you need.


Contact Information:

Kristine Hoheisel

Independence Plus Director

320-468-6451 or 1-800-224-6451

Email: khoheisel(at)