Now Celebrating 25 Years!
(1991 – 2016)

Rose Court in Pierz

Rose Court offers independent living apartments for those 62 years of age and older or younger and disabled. Rose Court is located in a residential area of Pierz that is quiet but also convenient to needed amenities.

Each accessible apartment at Rose Court is approximately 540 square feet with a living room, kitchen and dining area, bathroom, bedroom, and closets. Residency is income based, and applicants must be able to live independently.

Rose Court is located in a residential area of Pierz that is quiet but also convenient to needed amenities.  The apartments are attached to the Pierz Villa and the Community Medical Center.   In addition, they are located within blocks of medical and dental services, churches and the Pierz Shopping district. 

Tenants and guests can enjoy the warm, inviting community room for special parties and family gatherings.  A comfortable reception area serves as a meeting place for tenants and guests.  Laundry facilities are centrally located.

Residency is restricted to income eligible applicants who are able to live independently and be adult head of household, co-head, or spouse who is 62 years of age or older or younger and disabled.

Financial assistance is available through HUD PRAC Funds, a Department of Housing and Urban Development program. Qualified tenants are expected to pay 30% of their adjusted income or 10% of their annual income for rent, whichever is higher. Current annual income limits are:

  One Person:    $22,350 1.jpg
*   Two Persons:  $25,550




To view Rose Court, contact:

Rosie Talberg
320-468-6451 or 800-224-6451

121 Faust Street
Pierz, MN 56364